Luxury Watches for Men 2017

Like your shoes, people notice your watch, and when you’re sporting an exquisite timepiece, your style factor goes up a thousand times. For men, the proper watch is a game-breaker, and grandeur really stands high above the rest.

In 2017, luxury watches for men is where the action is.

Brand and price are key when it comes to luxury watches. Swiss influence is major, and you can never go wrong when choosing in this manner.

Rolex is the most famous name, and the brand’s Yacht-Master II is a fine example of owning a men’s luxury watch in 2017.

This beautiful timepiece features a stainless steel casing that blends with the brand’s signature gold. The analog watch has a blue Cerachrom insert, and the 18-carat gold hour markers contrast with the handsome blue watch arms.

Another great timepiece includes the Patek Philippe & Co. 5078R-001. If you’re looking for the ultimate brand in cost, Patek Philippe doesn’t disappoint. They hold the world record for most expensive timepiece on the planet, an $11 million watch sold to the Qatari royal family.

The 5078R-001, Grand Complications, features a white face encased in rose gold with a brown alligator band. One cool thing is its chime with two gongs.

The Cartier 18k Rose Gold & Diamond Tank Anglaise Extra-Large Model comes from the iconic French label.

The Tank is sharp with its rectangular shape and face. Two rows of diamonds run along each side of the body; it’s the ultimate, sexy timepiece for 2017.

Article by Dev Randhawa. Dev Randhawa is a US-borne fashion blogger with a passion for the trends behind men’s luxury wear and design.