Do You Need a Prescription for Contact Lenses?

Summary: A prescription is always needed whenever you purchase medical devices – this goes for contact lenses especially.

One question that is often asked is whether a prescription is actually needed to obtain a pair of contact lenses. The answer is simple, yes. Without a prescription, you won’t be able to get a pair of lenses that will fit your eyes correctly and you may end up damaging your eyes instead of helping them if you choose to purchase one on your own.

Only a Licensed Eye Doctor Can Prescribe You

Remember, only a licensed eye doctor or optometrist can supply you with the prescription that you need to obtain a pair of contact lenses. Whether they’re Acuvue Vita or the latest brands, you won’t be able to get your hands on any of them without first speaking to your doctor. Make sure to schedule an appointment and run through the standard tests to ensure that your eyes are healthy and you get the most comfortable pair for your lifestyle.

Never Shop Online Without a Prescription

Before you go ahead and decide to purchase a pair of contact lenses without a prescription, remember that you’re playing a dangerous game. While there are retailers offering contact lenses and eyeglasses without a required prescription, they’re operating in dangerous territories and providing you with generic lenses that aren’t fitted to your eyes., a premium contact lens retailer, recommends that you check with the company that you’re interested in purchasing from beforehand to ensure that they are operating within legal boundaries and not offering you junk.