Three Stylish Items Every Modern Man Should Own

What’s in your closet? It’s a valid question, and if you’re a stylish man then the answer certainly includes these three pieces.

Polo Shirt

Every man should have at least a few classic polo shirts in their closet. The trick to a great polo shirt is the fit, with the sleeves extending halfway down to the biceps. Polo shirts come in just about every color imaginable, making it easy for any man to find the ones that best complement their skin tone.


A signature scent speaks before you even do, and a great fragrance that suits your style is an absolute essential for any man that seeks to make an impression. An attractive scent that complements your character and embodies your strengths are the qualities any man should aspire to.

Leather Jacket

Owning a great leather jacket that is versatile enough to wear to nearly any occasion is a piece that a fashion forward man should strive to have in his collection. Soft leather and brown or black hues are the best options for leather that you can wear during the cooler months. Pair it with jeans, dress it up with a tie, and more. Feel free to test the boundaries of how far you can go with your leather jacket.

Fitted T-Shirt

A great fitted tee – or two or even three – is another absolute style necessity for any man. 100% cotton with poly stretch is the way to go. The fitted t-shirts should be form-fitting and preferably a few colors added to your wardrobe.

Bio: Dev Randhawa is a travelling design blogger and stylist based out New York. Dev Randhawa is constantly in search of the next big trends in fashion to document on blogs or on YouTube.