Main specialty offered at Angelina tea house

Article submitted by Cécile Zarokian

It is a well-known fact that Paris is renowned for its exquisite and mouth-watering food. But it is commonly known as the heaven of desserts. When you plan your visit to Paris, make sure that you pay a visit to Angelina Tea House. When you enter the teahouse you will be spellbound with the mere sight of colorful and delicate range of pastries and desserts.

Although the teahouse is famous for its delicious desserts, you should not miss the opportunity to try the min specialty on its menu. This specialty is Chocolat Chaud, which is usually served in a special pitcher along with either a glass of iced water or a small cup of delicious Chantilly. Its flavor is nothing short of pure heaven. You take one bite of this sauce and its rich and thick flavor will simply burst into your mouth. It is mostly served with its most famous chestnut dessert, Mont Blanc. You can also enjoy this sauce with other desserts.

Chocolat Chaud can also be enjoyed with Angelina’s hot chocolate on cold winter days. If you enjoyed this sauce, you can take it with you in specially designed jars. In this way you can not only tantalize your taste buds but also relive the extraordinary experience you had at Angelina tearoom.

Do not miss out an opportunity to visit this place to satisfy your appetite with its absolutely divine menu and its special chocolate sauce.