Top three soccer club jersey designs

Article by Soccer Garage.

Summary: Modern soccer jerseys are works of art and are soccer apparel is a large part of the income stream of every club. This year, PSG, Milan, and Liverpool are three teams with exceptionally beautiful team jerseys.

Sales of soccer jerseys are a huge part of the income stream of the various teams. It helps that every year and tournaments see a new version of the design of the team jersey. Even sponsor changes result in a new jersey design. Modern jersey designs are works of art that blend the team colors, sponsor logos, and modern fabrics into the replica soccer jerseys that fans want to buy. Here are some of the best new jersey designs you can buy this year:


The running joke is that PSG will need to sell a lot of their jerseys to recoup even part of the cost of getting Neymar Jr. However, the new jersey, which blends the team colors of Red, Navy, and Burgundy looks great and will sell by the tens of thousands. It is a slim fit jersey that looks modern, sleek, and comfortable. Teams have two jerseys, the home and away. With PSG, the home jersey is the better pick.


Unlike some of the other teams, Milan has managed to produce stunning designs for all three of their jerseys. The home, away, and third designs all bare the signature colors and look of the team. The home jersey is the most striking, with stark red and black stripes on a looser fitting jersey.


The new Liverpool kit pays homage the teams past jerseys, following the same designs with a darker shade of red. The jersey has a badge that denotes past teams and its new 125th anniversary.

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