Tips to Sell Estate Jewellery

Article Written by : Michigan Writers 

Here are some tips from Cynthia Findlay Antiques to help you sell your antique engagement rings and estate jewellery on or offline. With these tips, you can consolidate your jewellery collection and find a piece you truly want to grow with.

Display the Piece in its Best Light

Invest in a lightbox (there are several options under $50, and a few under $25 that you can choose from), and maybe a ring box or a small platform. Paint it if you want, but make the presentation of your vintage engagement rings look as professional as possible. This way, if you decide to host your auction on a site like eBay or sell it through your own website, customers will see the piece in its best possible light.

Talk About the Materials

You might think that a customer would be able to just tell how a ring was made, or what its materials are, just by looking at it. You would be wrong, even with highly detailed photograph. Even if the style of your ring is unpopular, the materials might inspire someone to melt the metals down and create custom jewellery from Toronto.

Get Appraisal

Not just for the benefit of knowing the value of your piece. Appraisal is a benefit for your potential buyer too. With verified value of the piece, your buyer can get the jewellery insured. Once insured, they are protected from theft or loss from a variety of circumstances. You can’t replace the sentimentality of something, but you can start a new tradition.