Women’s Fashion Mistakes

Certain women are known for their unique style and individuality in the way that they dress, while other women are noted for their fashion mistakes. Staying on trend is commendable, but some style failures should definitely be avoided. Here are a few women’s fashion mistakes that are best avoided.

Showing Too Much Skin

Some women just can’t say no to a very revealing top that shows a bit too much cleavage. The fact is that it does not look sexy in an office setting and is inappropriate on a first date.

Animal Prints

Overdoing the animal print trend is a definite fashion mistake. For example, avoid wearing a leopard print jacket with leopard print pants and shoes. It’s tacky. Keep it simple, one animal print accessory is enough.

Not Dressing Your Age

Some women in their thirties, forties, and fifties are still dressing like their teen self. They seem stuck in the era of padded shoulders, mom jeans, and big hair. It’s time to get with the program and try new updated fashions that are age appropriate.

Ill-Fitting Clothing

Women wear clothing that is too small to feel smaller. Women also wear clothing too big to feel smaller. No matter the reason, it still looks inappropriate and is a top fashion mistake. Wear form-fitting, well-tailored clothing to compliment your body.

Too Much Jewelry

A few well-selected pieces to match an outfit is fine. However, Overdoing your accessories looks loud and trashy. Keep it simple. Select jewelry that enhances your outfit.


Blog written by Dev Randhawa, a women’s fashion blogger based out of the United States. Dev Randhawa offers tips on the best fashion choices for women.