Lavish and extravagant tea at Angelina Tea House

Article submitted by C├ęcile Zarokian

Angelina Tea House is not only famous for its tempting hot chocolate, but it boasts of serving tea of equally superior quality. Tea drinkers in Paris can enjoy their remarkably unique selection of teas, for an incredibly luxurious experience.

The most popular tea at Angelina Tea House is the Mont-Blanc. It is inspired by the tearoom’s famous pastry. The Mont-Blanc is actually a blend of black teas that is infused with mouth-watering flavors of candied chestnuts, biscuit, toffee, maple syrup, orange blossom, apricot, papaya, and apple. The scent itself is exquisite, and the taste is unexpectedly delightful.

The Mont-Blanc tea can be enjoyed really well with any of the wide range of pastry. You can try something different, like the Paris-New York. Its light and sweet flavor will complement any one of the selection of tea. This is a classic chou pastry offered at Angelina, with its delightful taste made prominent with a pecan praline light cream and a crunchy pecan praline heart, at the top.

Millefeuille is also a highly recommended dessert, which can be enjoyed with tea. It is made of layers of caramelized puff pastry accompanied by light vanilla cream.

Angelina’s Special Flavored Tea is an oolong tea with marigold and safflower petals, infused with flavors of apricot, mango, and sweet orange, and enhanced by pineapple pieces. It would be a great idea to take some of this tea home, where the scent alone can take you back to your marvelous Angelina Tearoom experience.

Having tea at the Angelina Tea House will surely turn your tea drinking into an unforgettable experience.