6 Makeup Rules You Should Break

Sometimes they come from our mothers or grandmothers, other times from outdated fashion magazines. But no matter where they came from, most makeup rules were meant to be broken. If you are following any of these six, you should break them, now.

Never apply mascara to the lashes on your lower lids. If you follow this rule, you are missing out on pretty peepers. You can avoid the feared runny, racoon eyes by holding a tissue under your lower lashes and dipping a flat eyeliner brush against the wand before you do the lower layer.

If you have red hair, you shouldn’t wear red lipstick. In fact, redheads can shine with red lips as long as they choose the correct shade. If you have lighter strawberry blonde or orange hair, go for a blue-red tone. If your hair is darker red, opt for orangey tones or brick red instead.

Only highlight one feature at a time. This refers to rules like never combine bright lipstick with a smoky eye. Hogwash. For a dramatic night out, you can do both as long as you do it tastefully and don’t go too bold.

Women over 30 shouldn’t wear lip gloss. Add this one to the list of silly rules for middle aged makeup wearers. In reality, lip gloss can plump lips and make them appear more youthful.

Brown eyeshadow is just for blue-eyed girls. Brown is close to orange, which is the opposite of blue on the color wheel. It’s true that opposite colors tend to highlight each other, but olive and tan shades of brown can also make brown eyes pop. By the same token, blue eyed girls can also wear eyeshadow that is blue.